Provide More Value To Your Group

Host Your Own Virtual Speed Networking Events!

Do You have a group of people who could find value in meeting one on one, and all under your brand?

Facebook Group Admin

Provide even more value by helping your group's members meet each other one on one!

Virtual Co-Work Space

Networking & connecting is vital to their success, now they can grow their business through you!

Chambers & Associations

With all the group meetings, sometimes it's hard for everyone to meet individually- Let's Velocilink!

Nonprofits & Virtual Galas

Offer another benefit from the donations by allowing them to network under your brand!

Online Networking Made Easy

With zoom calls simplifying how we connect, everyone is used to the concept but has a difficult time ACTUALLY making quality connections... Velocilink events give everyone the chance to meet one on one and see how they can collaborate to grow their businesses!

Your Own Branded Event

We set up the online event and your network can jump on either as a one-time Velocilink or we can set up ongoing events to help grow your group's value!

One Time or Ongoing

This can be a one-time event for your members or we can schedule these weekly/monthly! They can join our national calls as well so everyone can grow together!

How it works

You host your own Velocilink events online so your members can meet individually for 5 minutes each and decide if they have the ability to collaborate, refer or sell each other and grow their businesses!

We brand the Velocilink Event on our monthly calendar as YOUR EVENT and your brand is visible on the screen during the event. 

Each pairing gets 5 minutes to meet and greet to see how they can collaborate. Our AI makes sure everyone always meets someone new!

Your members are not public and they are not forced to connect with anyone. There is an "emergency exit" button in the call and if they don't want to connect with their information, they can choose not to exchange information! We believe in security first! 

We can make your event open to new attendees or only ones that you invite. 

You can make revenue in the future when we have paid features from anyone who becomes a Velocilink user through your brand! We all grow together, everyone benefits!

Ready to Set up your Branded Velocilink event?